Friday, April 23, 2010

If your still hanging around my old blog(which I doubt!). You'll have to mosey on over to the new one I started... The new chapter in my life... Two Hearts ~ One Life

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Food Blogging For A Season

Obviously I haven't been posting in here recently. Food blogging was fun while it lasted but it was never going to be a forever thing for me like it is for some people. So now it's time for me to get back to the first blog I ever started... Melissa's Life Unscripted (which is a little behind but I'll try to catch up this weekend maybe...).

From now on I want to focus on sharing with friends, family or whoever drops by, the life I'm living instead of the food I'm eating. Feel free to come say Hi and I'm sure as time allows I'll still be dropping by some of the blogs I always hung out at to say Hi. : )

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Windows Live Writer

So at the Healthy Living Summit this past weekend Kath said how that if it weren’t for Windows Live Writer she would never still be blogging. Hearing her talk about it perked my interest and I decided that I just had to give it a try. So right now I’m on my trial run. So far it’s been pretty easy to set up. I know I have a big weekend recap post to do but for now I’m just going to fill everyone in out what I ate today.

Since I had a barney butter sample to use I decided oatmeal was the perfect breakfast for me.


I really wasn’t planning on having a snack but something about my being at works means I’m hungry every 3 hours. I decided on my yogurt and some fiber one cereal


Lunch followed soon after. Since we just got back last night it wasn’t very well planned. I was just grabbing things out of the fridge this morning.

Carrots, Cauliflower & an Apple



The fact that I ate all that and still didn’t feel full wasn’t a good sign. So a couple hours later I knew I wasn’t going to make it the rest of the work day without something else to eat. When I went for my walk over my break I decided to swing by Sheetz to see what I could find. I ended up with a lite iced latte and some crackers. It hit the spot.


I’m already ready for dinner when I get home from work(at 3:30). Yeah, that’s a bad thing because that means come evening I’m starved when I really shouldn’t be thinking about food. Oh well, I decided to eat when I got home anyway. I even ate my snack too…

Omelet toppings/ the finished productP1011372 P1011373

My pita bread omelet sandwich with pepper jack cheese and spinach plus some Trader Joe’s cinnamon almonds which I love!!!



And last but not lease a chocolate brownie Z-Bar


It was raining cats and dogs a little while ago and right now the sky looks a little iffy but I might attempt a walk. I’ll be back later with my weekend re-cap!!

Oh and aside from my trying to figure out resizing pictures(I need to reference my notes) I think I’m going to love Windows Live Writer!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One Day Closer

To a few days off of work and a weekend away!!! : D

Cantaloupe & Cereal & Milk

Yellow Watermelon!! Yum!!

Baby Carrots

CousCous, black beans, lima beans, parmesan cheese & cilantro lime olive oil dressing... plus some red pepper flakes. I'm happy to annouce that this was a random idea that turned out very yummy!! I'm glad I get to eat it again for lunch tomorrow!!

Onion flavored crackers and pepper jack cheese

Apple & PB

Some other randam (and probably not necessarily needed) snacks were a nutrigrain bar, peach cobbler, piece of dark chocolate, cereal & raisins mixed with nuts... If only I could conquer my evening hunger!! I'm going to blame it on the 45 mins of tennis and 30 min walk but my snacks were way more calories than the 800 that I burned during exercise...

Monday, August 10, 2009


So is anyone on Facebook? And if you are have you played FarmVille??? For some reason I have become extremely addicted to this little game. Who would have ever thought that I would have fun gardening?? If you haven't seen it yet you've gotta check it out. I'm actually so busy planting and harvesting crops that it's keeping me away from my blog!!!

My real life sunflower garden!! It's so pretty buy they are all facing AWAY from my house so I don't really get to enjoy them unless I'm standing at the back of the yard. Ohhhh well....

Black Bean Taco Salad: Toss together 3⁄4 cup black beans, 2 tablespoons shredded Monterey Jack cheese, 2 tablespoons salsa, 2 cups shredded romaine lettuce, 1 diced tomato, and 2 tablespoons crushed whole-grain or blue-corn tortilla chips. Drizzle the salad with 2 teaspoons olive oil and juice squeezed from 1⁄2 lime. 340 calories

This was my lunch on Sunday and I can't believe I ate a whole tomato!! First time ever cause I don't really like them...

- - - - - - - - - -
Random pictures from today's food

I had to many packs of crackers today...

Am I the only one that thinks this looks like a face??

Question of the day: Is anyone that comes by my blog going to the Healthy Living Summit this weekend?? I can't wait!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Favorite

Oh let's see, how did my day go? It was a loooong BORING day at work. But it did start off with a wonderful breakfast. A little fiber one, vanilla greek yogurt and peaches

Plus some almond butter(my last pack and I EXTREMELY sad about that) and some home made peach jelly

The final "yogurt mess" : ) Greek yogurt is quickly becoming my new favorite food. I love the stuff and wish it wasn't so expensive!!

I FINALLY made it to lunch(yeah, it was a long morning) and had some cantaloupe

And a frozen healthy choices dinner. This is what happens when I get tired of figuring out what to pack for lunch. Don't be surprised to see more of these in the near future.

My afternoon was just as long as my morning. I did get out for a 20 min walk. Normally after my walk I have a few minutes to spare and I like to sit at some picnic tables that are at work. The problem is people started throwing trash in a random blue barrel that was sitting around. This wasn't really a supposed to be used for trash which meant it never got emptied. It's been WEEKS and it starting to really smell BAD!!! I tried to move it but it was to heavy. I think because there was rain water in the bottom of it. So anyway, I emailed our maintenance guy and he got in touch with somebody and now the blue barrel is "supposedly" going to be thrown out. I hope so. I miss sitting outside in the afternoon for my little break away from it all!!

Cereal when I got home from work

This dreamy desserts! advertisement also came in the mail. I swear the whole world must know that I have the biggest sweet tooth ever. Do they have to tempt me??!!

Still hungry after my cereal and I knew Dad and I were going to play some tennis so I had two bites of leftover parleyed potatos from the fridge and a peanut butter banana : )

Dad and I got our 45 mins of tennis playing in. This is about the 3rd time we've gone this year and I think I'm already seeing some improvement. I'm hitting the ball a little more anyway. HAHA!! After tennis I took a short break and then headed out for a 45 min walk. My legs were very tired and I dreamed about calling home for someone to come pick me up. But I was strong and pushed through my tiredness!! : )

I decided to snack on some more Mary's Crackers, some pepper jack cheese and salsa, I had a second similar plate with just crackers and salad but no cheese.

And sugar free jello made it's apperence again. There's still two more left in the fridge and they'll be gone... Have I mentioned that I'm still very hungry?? I feel like I ate enough. I drank water but I'm hungry. I can't decide on another snack or not...

I tried to jump rope again tonight and my jump rope broke. This is my third one that I've broken. I guess I'll have to pick another one up at the store. Any suggestions?

I ended up with a snack of some cereal... Could be worse...

So this morning when I got up I could barely keep my eyes open. But I really had no choice and I forced them open and went and jumped on the exercise bike for 20 mins. As normal at some point I ended up getting behind and when it came time for my make up I skipped the foundation. I'd love to get away from wearing make up at all but I still practically have the face of a teenager(blemishes) so I've gotta wear a little. So that being said...

Question of the day: What is your morning skin/makeup routine? Do you have "problem skin" and how do you keep blemished under control??

Monday, August 3, 2009

Creating Good Habits

Ok, so I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. That not only means blogging on a fairly daily basis, but also means doing better at eating healthy(which I've not been doing at all) and getting back into taking my vitamins on a daily basis. I was doing so well and then suddenly I just seemed to "throw in the towel" and forget about all my healthy habits. Today wasn't the best of days but hey, it could have been worse... I'm determined to find that girl I used to be with all the healthy habits!!

I started my day off with a yogurt "mess" a light & fit yogurt with an apple, fiber one and a tablespoon of almond butter

Lunch was a veggie mixture

I also had some cherries and carrots

Lunch!! Yeah I know, kinda pitiful looking...

This afternoon my boss stopped by my desk with a treat. A sugar free Popsicle. I didn't feel to bad eating it even though I think I probably eat to many things with artificial sweeteners in them. It's really hard to escape them...

Supper was bran flakes mixed with fiber one, some walnuts, some peaches and fat free milk. I LOVE cereal and eating it every day is something I plan on doing. I just can't eat it for breakfast because it doesn't keep me full long enough in the morning.

Evening snacks...

Pepper jack cheese
Salsa and Mary's Cracker in the Pepper flavor (had a few more crackers)
Sugar free vanilla pudding with some strawberry jam (I did end up having a second pudding, opps...)
And this is me after some time jump roping and walking/jogging on the treadmill. I'm probably goofy but I love my sweaty look it makes me feel like my exercising paid off!!

Tonight I actually sat down at the piano after I ate my cereal and played for 30 mins. It's a new goal of mine to play every day or at least every other. I normally only play on Sunday mornings at church. Only playing once a week is fine. It keeps me from getting rusty. But I'd like to be a little better than I am and I know that's never going to happen if I don't practice more.

Question of the day: Is there anything that you've gotten "rusty" at because you didn't practice as much as you should have?